Retreats for Educators, Dioceses & Parishes

Retreats for Educators

In 2018, Gwen Adams began developing a retreat for educators called the “Come Away and Rest Awhile Retreat.”

Many features of this retreat made their way into a graduate course titled “THEO-722 Catholic Education,” which Adams taught during the Summer 2019 term at the Augustine Institute. Adams offers this course again in summer 2020.

In Fall 2019, the Archdiocese of Seattle brought Adams to beautiful Washington State to present to over eighty school leaders at the annual Christ in the Classroom Leadership Retreat.

Adams has worked with friends at Cana Academy, Trinity Schools, Immaculata Classical Academy, and others. She is a teacher and continues to help other teachers and school leaders.

To schedule a talk or retreat, or for more information, contact Gwen Adams at

2019 CIC Leadership Retreat, Archdiocese of Seattle

Sample Presentations for Educators

“The Love of Learning and the Desire for God: Salvation History and the History of Western Education.”

“Learning through Experience: Incarnating the Faith in School & Parish Life.”

“Learning How to See Again: Cultivating Peace in the Classroom.”

“The Normal Day and the Power of Attention.”

Listen to a sample talk here.

Retreats for Catholic Dioceses & Parishes

Gwen Adams also gives retreats and presentations to dioceses, parishes, women’s groups, and youth and young adult gatherings. 

Sample Presentations:

“Relating to God, Self, and Others: The Psalms Teach Us How to Pray.”

“Docility to the Holy Spirit: A Practical Guide.”

“Providence and the Vocation of Today.”

“Magnanimity, Mistakes, and Improvisation.”

“Personal Influence and Forming Vocations.”

Listen to sample talks here.

For booking and more information, contact Gwen Adams at
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