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The Creative Workshop of Gwen Adams, PhD

Cultivating the Soil of Christian Culture

Gwen Adams, PhD, is a Catholic speaker, teacher, writer, and director.

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Teacher and Speaker

A visiting Professor of Theology at the Augustine Institute, Denver, CO, Adams is a Catholic speaker presenting talks, workshops, and retreats on education, evangelization, and culture.

Gwen Adams - Teacher, Speaker, Writer, Director


Author of By an Unexpected Way and other works, Adams designs curriculum, courses, and materials for use in Catholic dioceses, parishes, homes, and schools.

Gwen Adams is a Catholic director, producing youth and young adult theater.


Pursuing truth, beauty, and goodness through the development of dramatic works, Adams writes plays and produces live theater with youth and young adults.


Dr. Gwen Adams holds a PhD from the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham, UK, and an MA in Catholic Studies from the University of St. Thomas, MN. She is experienced in a number of apostolic and academic endeavors, having served as a youth minister, farm intern, diocesan marriage tribunal advocate, mentor of Catholic undergraduate households, and teacher on the middle-school, high-school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. She is Writer-in-Residence at St. Boniface Catholic Church.
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