The Other Wiseman

A Festival of Lessons and Carols


Youth Cast

Youth Cast

What will we be doing?

Running lines, staging scenes, inventing costumes, experimenting with props and sound effects, trying to understand the characters, getting into character, forging friendships, growing in relationship with God, doing a dress rehearsal, and finally, giving the performance of a lifetime! Before he was a priest, bishop, or pope, St. John Paul II the Great was an actor. When he wasn’t climbing mountains or canoeing down rivers, he was having the time of his life on stage. That’s what we will be doing during our fall theater session.


For students in 4th–12th grade.


Where: Tippecanoe Arts Federation, Wells Community Cultural Center, 638 North Street, Lafayette, IN 47901

Key Dates:

6/24/20 Early Bird Registration Opens (limited to first 20 registrations)
7/8/20 Regular Registration opens (or as soon as Early Bird Registration is full)
8/12/20-8/18/20 Late Registration
  • 8/22/20 - Auditions / Completion of Registration
  • 10 AM Session I: Completion of Registration & Auditions
  • 12:30 PM Completion of Registration for non-auditioning cast members
  • 2:30 PM Session II: Completion of Registration & Auditions
Rehearsals will take place 3:30-5:30 PM on most Fridays in the fall, beginning September 4, 2020. Depending on cast size, students will be double cast, with a second group meeting Thursdays, 3:30-5:30 PM, beginning September 3, 2020. Typically, student(s) will have one rehearsal per week. A finalized schedule will be given after casting.
10/28/20 Ticket Sales Open
11/20/20 Last day to sell or submit advertising and shout-outs.
Play weeks & Performances: 11/30/20-12/13/20

Regular Application & Registration close 8/11

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Main speaking roles will be filled by those who auditioned. Other students accepted into the program will be cast in parts which may or may not have a small number of lines. Students can also participate as members of the crew only; we have a limited number of spaces for crew and will try, but cannot guarantee, honoring every request.
Students interested in a main speaking role may audition at the Wells Center on August 22, 2020. Students must be registered for the fall session and fees paid in full in order to audition. Students can choose their preferred audition time during the online portion of registration. Casting will be announced shortly after auditions.

Audition times

Sign up for preferred audition time during online registration. Spaces are limited per audition and auditions will be closed when full.
10 AM OR 2:30 PM.

What are the main speaking roles?

ABDUS, RHODASPES, ISCAR (m): timid wisemen.
ABGARUS (m): ARTABAN’S mentor.
ARTABAN (m): the Other Wiseman.
ESTHER (w): she explains to ARTABAN what is happening on the Way of the Cross.
GILL (m): young 13-year-old servant boy who accompanies ARTABAN.
GYPSY 1 (m/w): conniving and saucy rogue.
GYPSY 2 (m/w): this gypsy has a soft heart.
MERCHANT (m): tries to sell MIRIAM into slavery.
MIRIAM (w): a poor girl about to be sold into slavery whom ARTABAN rescues.
NARRATOR (m/w): both inside and outside the story, this mysterious character dresses all in black and appears with the Gypsies. Gives a hint of the story being a play within a play.
RABBI (m): He counsels ARTABAN.
RACHEL (w): a kind woman whom ARTABAN meets.
RUTH (w): Innkeeper’s wife.
SICK MAN (m): ARTABAN helps him and thereby misses his rendezvous with the three WISEMEN.
TIGRANES (m): cynical wiseman.

What is the audition like?

Students must be registered to audition and must be accompanied to the audition by a parent or guardian. Auditions will last about 75 minutes. The session will begin with a group warm-up to get everyone comfortable for the audition, followed by individual and/or group reading of scenes. Students will be asked to read and act out one or more parts during these group scenes.
Students should prepare a selection from the play (need not be memorized). Selection(s) coming soon!
Students should also be prepared to sing a chorus and first verse (melody line) from the following Christmas carols: “Past Three O’Clock” and “Gaudete.” If student can sing solo acapella, student will be asked to do so. Otherwise, student will be accompanied by 1 or more persons and instruments.
You can view sheet music here for “Past Three O’Clock.” You can also listen to a version of “Past Three O’Clock” here. We will be performing something similar in melody and tempo (although not necessarily in orchestration and arrangement.)
You can view sheet music here for “Gaudete.” You can also listen to a version of “Gaudete” here. We will be performing something similar in melody and tempo (although not necessarily in orchestration and arrangement.)
The best way to prepare is to read the play or story, wear something comfortable, and get ready to have fun!


Main speaking roles will be filled by those who auditioned. Other accepted students will be cast in parts which may or may not have a small number of lines. Students can also participate as members of the crew only; we have a limited number of spaces for crew and will try, but cannot guarantee, honoring every request. Acceptance and casting will be announced shortly after auditions. Students with lines are expected to read the script and be “off-book,” that is, have their lines memorized by the third week of rehearsal.


What should cast members bring to rehearsal and performance?

Recommended: a water bottle, a snack, and comfortable clothes. The Wells Center has a drinking fountain and water bottle refill station. Fall session T-shirts will be given out the first rehearsal to those who ordered one during registration.


Each member of the cast is responsible for creating his or her own costume and for bringing it to rehearsal for review (cast schedule will specify when and costume descriptions will be given with other forms and waivers before Completion of Registration/Optional Auditions Day). Affordable, simple, but inventive costumes can be made from thrift store materials or items already owned. We love creativity!

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Sell program advertising and earn a 40% credit. Businesses, friends, and family can support the fall session and your participation in it by purchasing space for an advertisement or shout-out, or by sponsoring t-shirts and/or tickets.

Coming soon! Click here to go to our Advertising Purchase Page with rate cards and specifications.
Families with one or more students accepted into the fall session are eligible to receive credit for advertisements, shout-outs, and sponsorships sold.
We have 1 t-shirt sponsorship available until 8/13/20.

We have 1 ticket sponsorship available until 10/14/20.

Program ads and shout-outs can be sold now through 11/20/20.

Sponsorship, ad, and shout-out copy/digital files must be submitted no later than 5 PM on these deadline days.

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During purchase of ad space, purchasers have the option to indicate the seller. If you are the seller, you can direct purchasers to indicate you and/or your student(s) as the seller. You will receive a credit offsetting your balance or in the form of a refund 6-8 weeks after payment is received for ad(s) sold.
Encourage businesses to show their support for young people, for our integration of faith and theater, as well as for live, local theater, during multiple performances to a targeted, Christian, family-friendly audience.

Shout-outs: cast members and volunteers absolutely love getting good wishes from family and friends. Encourage family and friends to send a note to your special cast/crew members via a short shout-out!


Love theater? Bardstreet is always interested in volunteers. We have a limited number of stipends for enthusiastic volunteers.
The fall session will be led and directed by Dr. Gwen Adams, with the help of adult volunteers with Bardstreet. All Bardstreet volunteers are practicing Roman Catholics over 18 years of age, who have completed a recent Safe Environment Training Workshop with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana and passed a recent criminal background check. We are unable to accept every volunteer.
Interested in volunteering? Contact us at and share a little bit about 1) Why you would like to volunteer and 2) Why you would be a great volunteer for our theater program.

Prizes for our top student ticket-sellers!

1. Our top student ticket seller will win a ticket-to-dollar matched prize. For example, if our top-selling ticket seller sells fifty tickets, the prize will be $50! If our top ticket seller sells one hundred tickets, the prize will be $100!

2. All student sellers who sell five tickets will have their names entered to win a $50 gift card. For every five additional tickets sold, sellers will have their name entered again in this same drawing. For example, a student seller who sells fifteen tickets will have his name entered three times into the gift card drawing.

Student winners will be announced at our cast party after the final performance!
Only students accepted as participants in the fall session are eligible to win a prize. However, anyone can sell tickets on behalf of a student.
Tickets can be purchased through our online portal. During checkout, buyers have the option to designate a particular student as the seller of the ticket.

If you are a student accepted to the fall session, or a friend or relative interested in selling on behalf of a student, send potential audience members to the online ticket sales portal and tell them: “Thanks for purchasing a ticket! Designate this student as the student seller during checkout! Enjoy the show!”
Tell potential audience members about the play! Share our vision. Tell them how excited you are about the fall session, St. John Paul II, our awesome integration of faith and theater, and all the things which got you interested in participating.

Make sure people know about the Early Bird discounts, as well as the extra discount for the Family Pack. Make sure they know People save big by purchasing online instead of at the door.

Tickets go on sale 10/28/20

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